Wednesday, 21 May 2014


THE TOM BOY- Kristen's shirt retails for approximately $48 USD. It's a "distressed" tee with frayed neck and sleeves and is super soft! I wear mine all the time and pair it with skinny jeans (looks great with 7 For All Mankind jeans) and my H&M Bomber. The company do international shipping and you can buy it here WILDFANG CLOTHING


I suspect I may have been one of the first ones to buy these sweaters when the clothing company PRODIGAL SONS CLOTHING went online and started offering "internet shopping"... I say this because I ordered and purchased the two sweaters when they were on "PRE-ORDER" mode and my order number was 000000001. hahaha. Annnnyyyywaaaayyy.... Yes, Prodigal Sons DO offer international shipping! 
Each sweater is approximately $145.00 USD. 
I got the YES SWEATER in a size SMALL and the P.S. SWEATER in a size MEDIUM because I didn't know how the sizing would run. FYI: I am a women US size 6 or an Australian size 10 (in tops) and the SMALL is a better fit for me. It is still slightly roomy whereas the MEDIUM is markedly more baggy. I am 171 cm and I am not sure why I am saying all this, but I thought it might help if you were worried about sizing. 

You can buy them here:

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Photo belongs to Heather's store Fae Star Designs

If you're not already familiar with this artist and her store... then prepare for you mind to. be. BLOWN. 

Her name is Heather and her store is FaeStarDesigns.

Link : FaeStarDesigns

I wanna talk a little about some of Heather's delightfully scrumptious little pieces... and while "scrumptious" is a word I would usually reserve for foods like pink frosted cupcakes, pistachio and lime macaroons and bite-sized
salted caramel chocolates...Heather's pieces are indulgent, delicate and of exceptional quality and her store will keep you coming back for more!!!

What I adore about Heather's work is that she gives us (the people) options. Choices. From choosing the colour of your necklace chain: yellow gold, silver or bronze; to the length of your necklace; to the image of the pendant- when I'm in Heather's store it's like having access to your very own designer... and this lovely lady KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING!  

The Dove/ Sacred Heart Scapular Replica & the Ram's Horn Tobacco Tab Replica (with claw charm)

Heather's replicas of these 2 "many-times-a-worn" necklaces have been spotted on Kristen on countless occasions in interviews, candids and photo shoots.

The Scapular comes in a few different versions and you can get it with your own images (from a select style) from the store. You can get JUST the dove image; OR JUST the sacred heart image; OR the with the pendants hanging from a single loop; OR with the pendants hanging from two loops (as pictured below); OR.... no, no, the possibilities are seemingly endless.... just go to the store so I can stop listing all the options. hahaha.

The Ram's Horn Tobacco Tab Necklace comes in a few options: 
1- The Vintage version which I believe is authentic. 
2- The Aluminium version which is a metal tab with the image printed and glued on with a high quality resin coating and is cheaper than the Vintage version. 
3. Heather also sells "other/ non-ram's tin" Tab necklaces in the event you want to have your own personal touch.... 
The one pictured below is the Vintage version and trust me, it is worth every penny! 

My photo (above and Left to Right): Scapula Replica, Rams Horn Tobacco Tin Replica). 

"Suck It" Key Chain 

If you find yourself squinting and scrutinizing every image the media and fans have released lately, you'll notice on a few occasions, Kristen has been spotted with a little circular, leather looking key chain that reads "SUCK IT".
HEATHER HAS MADE A REPLICA!!!!! And it rocks my world and I feel so incredibly bad-ass when I have it protruding from my 7 For All Mankind Jeans that I just want to punch a blow-up clown in the face!   
Directly Below is a picture of mine, and while the "SUCK IT" appears very faint, it's because of the exposure to light of the picture I took... clearly I am NOT  a photographer. haha. Below that are two photos of Kristen (from Google- so not my own) exhibiting case in point. 
My photo: yes, I drive a Subaru.... 

The Key Necklace

Golly Gosh this is my new best accessory. I team it and match it with sweaters in place of all the times Kristen wears her "dog tags". I can't bring myself to buy or wear dog tags because it seems a little... I dunno.... not disrespectful, that's not the word, but... um... it just doesn't seem right. I feel like (and this is TOTALLY 100% just personal opinion, so don't judge me, because I ain't judging) but I feel like "dog tags" or "military I.D. tags" are just that.... they are worn by Military personnel who wear them so they can be identified. I think this is something that has to be earned and I don't feel right just walking around the streets wearing them. I feel like people might ask "Oh, do you know someone who served in the forces?" and I would respond "No..." and then they would judge me and say "then you girl, no nothing...." and they would be right.... In Kristen's defence, I'm sure hers are related to her movie Camp X-Ray, so she has sentimental reason for wearing them. 
ANNNNYYYYWAAAAYYY back to point: I wear they Key necklace with my Obey No Future sweater and my Sportique Hello Brooklyn Sweater instead. Heather's key necklace is totally durable and comes on a super strong ball chain. It is RAD. Below is a picture of mine and below that are some Google photos of Kristen to get you in the mood....

My photo: my new favorite necklace. The chain is hard-core durable and the key makes me feel like I am going places... haha

Black Rosary Beads

Okay, so after my little rant about people wearing "dog tags" I'm now about to be totally contradicting and say I wear Rosary Beads. I think it's okay, because in my mind, I always think of them as ROSEMARY beads (like the herb) and Rosemary is my all time favorite herb (or "erb" as my mum calls them)... and so I feel like this gives me the right to wear ROSEMARY BEADS because they remind me of potatoes and rosemary and/or lamb and rosemary which are combinations of a match made in heaven.  
My photo: The Rosary Beads were seen (if you squinted hard enough) on Kristen at Sundance 2014 this year when she was promoting Camp X-Ray.  She wore the black rosary bead necklace with her American Apparel Button Down (pictured) and also with a yellow buffalo plaid shirt. 

Okay- I am not going to write any more.... you will just have to go and check it out for yourself: copy and past this link into your browser if the above link didn't work for you:

Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Shirts

The above photos are from Google Images.... the bottom photo is my American Apparel Button Down on the left, and Warfighter Brewery Shirt on the right. You can get the American Apparel Shirt here:

unfortunately the Warfighter's shirt was acquired from a private seller...

Beauty and Skincare ASO Kristen Stewart

There have been a few emails lately from girls wanting to know what Skin Products Kristen uses... Now I don't know if she legit goes out and buys these things, or if she just gets given stuff for free (the latter seems more probable to me...) but anyway.... there's been a tone of press lately given the launch of Rosa-B... (That's what I've decided to call Rosabotanica)... and also now that Kristen is part of the Chanel world... that has also led to questions about her beauty/skincare regime... I suppose.... Anyway.... below are some photos of the things I have and below THAT are some links to some online press things about what she uses, and where you can get the same products she has been known to mention.... And PS I totally agree with her staple beauty product: WATER! Drink a bunch of hydrogen two oxygens and your skin will thank you for it. 

Picture above (Excuse the dustiness of my desk....) haha. Left to Right: BareMinerals Tinted Moisturizer, Smith's Rosebud Salve, Florabotanica bodywash, Florabotanica 30mls, Florabotanica 10mls, Rosabotanica 50mls, Topshop Waterproof Eyeliner in gunmetal (or gunpowder or gun....something)...., Topshop Waterproof eyeliner in Ebony.  

Picture above (My pink handbag is by a brand called EZRA it is NOT aso Kristen, I just photographed it because it seemed to "match"... and also hid the fact that I was taking a photo of my, more of a "backdrop" really...) and Left to Right: Florabotanica 30mls, Smith's Rosebud Salve, Rosabotanica 50mls.

The Shelf in my Bathroom: Possibly the best shelf in my house... Left to Right: Dermalogica Active Moist, Bumble and Bumble Pret a' Powder, Smith's Rosebud Salve cream, Florabotanica, Rosabotanica, MAC Studio Moisture Tint, BareMinerals Tinted Moisturizer, TopShop Waterproof Eyeliners (Ebony and Gunpowder/Gunmental....?) Chanel 219 (black) nailpolish, Proactiv 3 Step System. 

LINKS TO ARTICLES (Ye ol'; copy and paste should do the trick!):

Friday, 7 February 2014



(left to right: 1. EXACT: Make Believe The End Sweater: SOLD OUT- was available on their official website. 2. EXACT: Zoe Karssen's Riot Sweater: STILL AVAILABLE from select stores like (maybe) Net-a- porter, ASOS, Ebay,, and if you're quick and lucky. 3. REPLICA: USATF Sweater: STILL AVAILABLE ON ETSY from an excellent seller (TheBadGirlsClub), 4. EXACT: Sportique's Hello Brooklyn Sweater: STILL AVAILABLE on and 5. EXACT: EC Star's Nuns With Guns Hoodie SOLD OUT The company "EC Star" had a store on Etsy about 2 years ago and they re-released this hoodie a few times. It is not available any more, although there are replicas on etsy 6. EXACT: Stussy's Noir Sweater: SOLD OUT was available on 7. EXACT: Vague's Square Hoodie: SOLD OUT was available on the company's official store on ebay. They are a rad clothing company based in Melbourne! 8. JGTHI Harrington Bomber Jacket: STILL AVAILABLE: To be honest, I don't know if it's an exact or a replica because there is a lot of discussion about what BRAND Kristen actually wears; it's a bit tricky because SO MANY COMPANIES make this jacket- it is quite generic and almost always available on Ebay. BUT... I got mine from THIS WEBSITE--->JGTHI- Harrington Jacket  for 30 pounds. 9. EXACT: Mary's Club Portland Oregon hoodie: STILL AVAILABLE from the Mary's Club Official Store for $40 USA including shipping: MARYS CLUB  10. REPLICA: Don't Nickle and Dime Me: I got this from ebay... it is a handmade replica NOT the original which is SOLD OUT. 


A FEW FANCY TRINKETS: ( PHOTO BELOW from left to right)-
1. Catbird's Threadbare ring available here for $44 USD---> CAT BiRD
2. Melinda Maria's Slice ring (mine is a grey-blue, Kristen's is in black onyx) available here for $86.99 USD---> MELINDA MARIA RING
3. & 4. Karen London's Caradona ring (I have this ring in both Gunmetal and in Gold. Kristen owns this ring in Gunmetal) available here for $75 USD---> KAREN LONDON 
5. Unknown brand four leaf clover two-tone ring: replica's available on
6. Replica of Cartier nail bracelet: available on

Lookmatic have once again released the Morgan frames (as seen on Kristen on multiple occasions). I "think" Lookmatic have had to re-order, re-stock, and/or re-issue these particular frames on at least 2 occasions due to their popularity and affordability (normally $95 USD but right now they are on SALE for $62 with FREE SHIPPING.... wooohooo )!
I have TWO PAIRS of these glasses because I actually require glasses for long distance vision so the fact that you can get these with Rx lenses (aka prescription lenses) at no extra cost is AMAZING! 
Kristen has these glasses in Black/ Tortoise (black top half of the frames/ tortoise shell on the bottom). 


 These are now really rare to come by. I got my black sweater recently from ebay and the green one from Net- a- Porter about a year ago. They sell on ebay from time to time anywhere from $50 USD up to about $90 USD. So keep an eye on ebay: both the US and the UK ebay's because sometimes UK sellers list them too. 

(above: a wonky shot of my two MANGO SWEATERS- Kristen has been photographed wearing both the green (in an actual photoshoot) and black (around her shoulders at some kind of event...thingemy...)

I don't know if you can tell or not, but I "get over" blogging really quickly... as in, I start out all "YEAH! I'M GONNA UPDATE MY BLOG!" and I take all these photos and upload them and pick fonts and colours and google pictures of Kristen wearing the relevant item/s and then I start typing and trying to "format" the post and I get bored very quickly when it comes to the actual writing process because I'm not sure how necessary it actually is...??? I don't know if people really read anything of what I write and I think I sound ridiculous most of the time.
So.... on the right (below) are my two most recent pairs of shoes and the two photos on the right are *obviously kristen wearing the shoes... You can get them here from the Urban Outfitters Website: 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I GOT THE MARY'S CLUB PORTLAND, OREGON HOODIE TODAY!- (my hoodie is the first pic below- the pics of Kristen are from other sources on-line).
 Here is a link if you want to get one:

The hoodie costs about $30USD and $10USD for shipping in US. 

I live in Australia so I had to email back and forth a bit to organise shipping and costs- but the admin were really friendly and prompt to reply! 

FYI: Mary's Club is a strip club and the hoodie has a  picture of semi-naked lady on the back- so maybe don't wear this one around grandma. 


Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Hi All! I am looking to trade...
If you are interested in trading, please email me at:
Each party pays for their own shipping. I will only ship once I have received the shirt. Please send photos of the shirt in your email.


REPLICA NICKLE AND DIME: This is NOT the exact sweater- it is a replica made by someone. I purchased it and have only worn it twice. it is still in very good condition. It is a large or AU size 12-ish. The images have been hand drawn on with a fabric paint, slight smudging of the images in some areas but not very noticeable (see photo).

BRIXTON MEAD HAT & BALTIMORE ORIOLES CAP:  The Brixton Mead snap-back is EXACT to Kristen's and is in perfect (new without tags) condition... I tried it on once for about 6 seconds and thought i looked ridiculous, so I never wore it again.... i look silly in hats. 
The New Orioles cap is SIMILAR not exact to Kristen/ Rob's. It has been worn a few times.



I am looking for the black flag shirt... it can be a replica but it MUST BE:
Same EXACT image as the one Kristen wears
Size: Medium 
Condition: excellent - no holes, no rips, no stains.

A few pretty little things...

I recently purchased some more Kristen things.... 

THE USATF: Is a replica from the bad girls club on Etsy... here is the link:

THE HELLO BROOKLYN BY SPORTIQUE: From Urban outfitters for $77 or at Bloomingdales for $99 here is a link you can copy and paste into your web browser:

MY NEW RINGS: Karen London's Caradona Ring and Melinda Maria's Sliced Ring... I got mine from the MAX & CHLOE website.