Thursday, 13 March 2014

Photo belongs to Heather's store Fae Star Designs

If you're not already familiar with this artist and her store... then prepare for you mind to. be. BLOWN. 

Her name is Heather and her store is FaeStarDesigns.

Link : FaeStarDesigns

I wanna talk a little about some of Heather's delightfully scrumptious little pieces... and while "scrumptious" is a word I would usually reserve for foods like pink frosted cupcakes, pistachio and lime macaroons and bite-sized
salted caramel chocolates...Heather's pieces are indulgent, delicate and of exceptional quality and her store will keep you coming back for more!!!

What I adore about Heather's work is that she gives us (the people) options. Choices. From choosing the colour of your necklace chain: yellow gold, silver or bronze; to the length of your necklace; to the image of the pendant- when I'm in Heather's store it's like having access to your very own designer... and this lovely lady KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING!  

The Dove/ Sacred Heart Scapular Replica & the Ram's Horn Tobacco Tab Replica (with claw charm)

Heather's replicas of these 2 "many-times-a-worn" necklaces have been spotted on Kristen on countless occasions in interviews, candids and photo shoots.

The Scapular comes in a few different versions and you can get it with your own images (from a select style) from the store. You can get JUST the dove image; OR JUST the sacred heart image; OR the with the pendants hanging from a single loop; OR with the pendants hanging from two loops (as pictured below); OR.... no, no, the possibilities are seemingly endless.... just go to the store so I can stop listing all the options. hahaha.

The Ram's Horn Tobacco Tab Necklace comes in a few options: 
1- The Vintage version which I believe is authentic. 
2- The Aluminium version which is a metal tab with the image printed and glued on with a high quality resin coating and is cheaper than the Vintage version. 
3. Heather also sells "other/ non-ram's tin" Tab necklaces in the event you want to have your own personal touch.... 
The one pictured below is the Vintage version and trust me, it is worth every penny! 

My photo (above and Left to Right): Scapula Replica, Rams Horn Tobacco Tin Replica). 

"Suck It" Key Chain 

If you find yourself squinting and scrutinizing every image the media and fans have released lately, you'll notice on a few occasions, Kristen has been spotted with a little circular, leather looking key chain that reads "SUCK IT".
HEATHER HAS MADE A REPLICA!!!!! And it rocks my world and I feel so incredibly bad-ass when I have it protruding from my 7 For All Mankind Jeans that I just want to punch a blow-up clown in the face!   
Directly Below is a picture of mine, and while the "SUCK IT" appears very faint, it's because of the exposure to light of the picture I took... clearly I am NOT  a photographer. haha. Below that are two photos of Kristen (from Google- so not my own) exhibiting case in point. 
My photo: yes, I drive a Subaru.... 

The Key Necklace

Golly Gosh this is my new best accessory. I team it and match it with sweaters in place of all the times Kristen wears her "dog tags". I can't bring myself to buy or wear dog tags because it seems a little... I dunno.... not disrespectful, that's not the word, but... um... it just doesn't seem right. I feel like (and this is TOTALLY 100% just personal opinion, so don't judge me, because I ain't judging) but I feel like "dog tags" or "military I.D. tags" are just that.... they are worn by Military personnel who wear them so they can be identified. I think this is something that has to be earned and I don't feel right just walking around the streets wearing them. I feel like people might ask "Oh, do you know someone who served in the forces?" and I would respond "No..." and then they would judge me and say "then you girl, no nothing...." and they would be right.... In Kristen's defence, I'm sure hers are related to her movie Camp X-Ray, so she has sentimental reason for wearing them. 
ANNNNYYYYWAAAAYYY back to point: I wear they Key necklace with my Obey No Future sweater and my Sportique Hello Brooklyn Sweater instead. Heather's key necklace is totally durable and comes on a super strong ball chain. It is RAD. Below is a picture of mine and below that are some Google photos of Kristen to get you in the mood....

My photo: my new favorite necklace. The chain is hard-core durable and the key makes me feel like I am going places... haha

Black Rosary Beads

Okay, so after my little rant about people wearing "dog tags" I'm now about to be totally contradicting and say I wear Rosary Beads. I think it's okay, because in my mind, I always think of them as ROSEMARY beads (like the herb) and Rosemary is my all time favorite herb (or "erb" as my mum calls them)... and so I feel like this gives me the right to wear ROSEMARY BEADS because they remind me of potatoes and rosemary and/or lamb and rosemary which are combinations of a match made in heaven.  
My photo: The Rosary Beads were seen (if you squinted hard enough) on Kristen at Sundance 2014 this year when she was promoting Camp X-Ray.  She wore the black rosary bead necklace with her American Apparel Button Down (pictured) and also with a yellow buffalo plaid shirt. 

Okay- I am not going to write any more.... you will just have to go and check it out for yourself: copy and past this link into your browser if the above link didn't work for you:

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