Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bella's Plaid Shirt Alternatives

Bella wears the Heritage 1981 plaid shirt in Eclipse (when she asks Jacob to kiss her). I can't get my hands on the original exact shirt, so I have been picking up close alternatives when I come across them.

Below are my Alternatives to the Heritage 1981Plaid top. The first shirt is from an awesome seller (who I originally found through ebay, but then she sold some other clothes to me privately... What a champion!) This shirt is by Aqua Blues, and it is one of my most loved tops. I think the original owner said she loved it too... It is 3/4 sleeve, a little small, but I wear it open over a thermal and it's great!

This is another alternative I found. It is by Forever 21. It has long sleeves, but I can just roll them up to be 3/4's.

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