Thursday, 7 June 2012

My New Jackets!

My Lole Amazone 2 Jacket- I am not sure if this is the exact colour or not. It's a bad photo the colour is a lot lighter (see posts further down for more accurate colour display...), and appears to be the same colour as Bella's. Bella wears this Jacket in Eclipse (in Redwood Colour)- I got mine from ebay- new with tags, but silly me cut off the tags and forgot to see if it was an exact colour match... haha... 

If you are thinking about buying this jacket online, i would totally recommend going a size up as they run quite small. Also, it is quite a thin jacket, and so if you get the next size up from your usual size, you can wear a hoodie or other layers underneath it...It is quite a fitted jacket.

The Billabong Hannah Jacket. 
I have this jacket in Charcoal Grey- which i think is the same colour as Bella's. I have this Jacket in a size Large and a size XLarge. The reason I have two of the same jacket, is because the jacket runs small- and so I thought I would need an XL. But then that was slightly too big, so the Large fits me better. I scored the XL from an amazing seller first and wore it a few times, and they came across the Large on ebay and snapped that up in a separate transaction. I will be selling the XL- it will come 'third-hand' so to speak. But is in excellent condition- no holes, rips or stains!

I wasn't going to list this jacket. But then I thought "what the heck, it's a pretty good alternative..." I think... 

Bella wears the American Eagle Bomber Jacket and also has a TNA Canvas Maverick Bomber Jacket in Eclipse-

I couldn't get my hands on the exact bomber jackets unfortunately. There was one going on ebay, but it was a few hundred dollars... and so I purchased this jacket (directly below) as an alternative. I got the idea from someone on Facebook who said they thought the Hollister Bomber Jacket (in Faria gray) was a pretty good alternative... And I totally agree (So thank you and props to the person who spotted this!)

The Hollister bomber was so much cheaper! It originally came with a fake-fur lined hood- but the fur is 100% removable (detaches right off the hood- while the hood stays on). The jacket has a zip and buttons up the front, and cute plaid lining on the inside... Unfortunately, the back of the jacket has a bow... which you can't really cut off (unless you know what you're doing/ a tailor/ have a really awesome mum who can sow)... The other thing about this jacket, is it is really warm, but quite short.

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