Thursday, 18 July 2013

Getting Personal

I should probably use one of the 6 blank (and totally funky) diaries (purchased from various quirky book stores and gift shops over the years) I have sitting in my bookshelf at home to write and drone on about the following; but this is MY blog and I came to the conclusion (after watching far too much Sex and the City) to write...HERE.
People are usually surprised when they hear I am a Kristen Stewart fan. That surprise usually, and quite rapidly turns to shock when I start talking them through my wardrobe, and the conversation usually goes like this:
RANDOM: Oh, cool necklace. But I think you've got it on backwards...
ME: Shanks. It's supposed to be that way. It's a scapular necklace, so there is a pendant at the front, and one also at the back... see (showing them the necklace as I rotate the whole chain around my neck).
RANDOM: Oh that's awesome. Where did you get it from?
ME: (Starting to realise WHERE this conversation is heading; but secretly- I love it): Oh from Etsy. I have two of them. One is silver and the other is gold.
RANDOM: Wait, you have TWO of the same necklace? Why?
ME: Well---so you know the actress Kristen Stewart?
RANDOM: (Backing away slightly): yeaaahhh.... why?
ME: She has the same necklace. Well, not EXACTLY, mine is a replica of hers. And in some photos her necklace looks gold, and in other photos, it's more of a white gold or silver...
RANDOM: And that's why you have two?
ME: Yeah, so I can change it up depending on what....blah blah blah....

RANDOM: Hey, cool hoodie, what does it say?
ME: Nuns with guns, praise the lord and pass the ammunition".
RANDOM: What does that mean?
ME: Well, to be honest, I'm not really sure, I own it because Kristen Stewart wears one- and she looks rad in it, so I thought if I could just be one millionth of a coolness of what she is, then why not?
RANDOM: Do you own OTHER things that she has?
ME: Yes. But I don't know where to start...
RANDOM: Like shoes? or something?
ME: I have the same Adidas Samba Shoes, Converse shoes, Nike Tenkays, Vans Saddle Sids, Keds Black on Black champions, Keds lace-less twills...
RANDOM: That's creepy... you're insane. 

And all conversations usually turn to "So WHY do you like her so much? She's not even a good actor?"
To which I respond in two steps. First, I take a deep breath and rationalise with myself that it is NOT OKAY to get upset about someone insulting a person I have and will NEVER know. In fact, to be honest, I kind of agree with them to some extent. I think the scripts she has to work with are sometimes quite narrow and so its not surprising she sometimes comes across as "bad or lame"... She has been in some good films (personally I liked Welcome to the Rileys and The Cake Eaters) and some other films that don't appeal to the majorities taste (Twilight- all of them, Snow White and the Huntsman)- these films are created and directed to a particular audience. Most of the time 20 something year old guys will fake a vomit at movies like Twilight, but the movies were never supposed to draw in crowds of men now were they?
Secondly, I answer the question honestly.
I have always been a "tom-boy" so to speak. 
Up until the age of 14 I thought it was okay to wear overalls (with nothing on underneath- in true Dennis the Menace style) until one day, someone pointed out that they could "see my tits"... I realised this was true but at the time maintained that I didn't care- but I never did wear those overalls again.
In more recent years (I am now in my mid-late 20s) I (and my friends) have accepted I will NEVER be a dress or skirts kind of person. So I wear jeans and pants. Mostly jeans. And while I do feel most comfortable wearing the baggy boy-friend jeans with rips, stains, holes and never enough pockets or track-pants from the men’s section in City Beach, sometimes, I feel like being a little more "feminine"- this is where the 7 For All Mankind Second Skin Jeggings in Rinsed Indigo come in- and it's all thanks to Kristen Stewart.
I can still get around in my sneakers (for sneaking), and an oversized tee, but somehow, I feel more socially acceptable, because you can actually tell I am a chick when I am wearing figure hugging jeans.

So that’s how this all began. 

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